Research and Innovation

Ongoing research and innovation targets personalised medicine, evidence from artificial intelligence and the final ecosystem steps: more efficient dissemination, adaptation and implementation to demonstrate a true impact on patient care. Here are some of our ongoing projects.

BMJ RapidRecs

Providing clinicians and patients with trustworthy recommendations and evidence summaries for potentially practice changing evidence. A project in collaboration with the BMJ.

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Living guidelines

Our online authoring and publication platform MAGICapp was created to solve key problems with clinical practice guidelines, including making guidelines living. There are several living guidelines from various organisations in MAGICapp, and we participate in development of some of these.

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The Global Evidence, Local Adaptation (GELA) project increase the impact of research on poverty-related diseases through a programme of improving decision makers’ capacity to use global research to develop locally relevant guidelines for newborn and child health.

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Aiming to improve the evidence ecosystem for rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases in Norway and beyond.

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Aiming to improve patient safety and quality of care through patient-centred and evidence-based interventions to reduce benzodiazepine and sedative hypnotic use.

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The Optimising Colorectal Cancer Prevention Trough Personalised Treatment with Artificial Intelligence project (OperA) aims to reduce the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer through AI-enhanced screening.


An interactive decision support tool for multiple treatment choices.

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Evidence Ecosystem (E3)

Digital and trustworthy personalised eHealth solutions to increase value and reduce waste in the current health care ecosystem.

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MAGIC is supporting WHO in enhancing the dissemination, adaptation and translation of living WHO COVID-19 guidelines for member states.

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Decision Aids

Linked to GRADE Guidelines to improve Shared-Decision Making in the clinical encounter.

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Clinical Decision Support

Guideline recommendations as decision support in electronic medical records, linked to patient data.

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Our initiative in the research and innovation phase for the development of Health Technology Assessments.

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Adaptation Strategies

Novel Adaptation Process and Taxonomy for modifying individual guideline recommendations.

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